/ Ducens, Janis Ducens

Ducens, Janis: Member of Parliament, Minister of War, Chief Military Prosecutor
(January 17, 1888 October 7, 1925)
Ducens was born in the Jaunpiebalga district of Latvia, on the Vec-Tenclavas homestead, in 1888, and finished the classical Alexander Gymnasium in Riga. His first work experience was as a primary school teacher in his home district. He went on to study law at Moscow University, graduating in 1915 with best marks, then graduated the military engineering academy in St. Petersburg in 1917.
Ducens was a key participant in both the political and military struggle for Latvian independence. Upon establishment of the first Latvian republic he worked for the professionalization of the Latvian military to enable it to fight and win in modern war.
Ducens' death occurred in the same month in 1925 as the Locarno conference in Switzerland, some months after the tragic death of Latvia’s brilliant foreign minister Zigfrid Anna Meierovics.
Ducens can be thought of as the conscience of the Latvian military.

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